Why Health Care Sector Is Considered As One Of The Most Lucrative Career Options?

Most people consider a career in health care as the most preferred and advantageous one for many reasons.  It provides high benefits, many benefits and opportunities accompany it. It is the most respected one by the common man. In this article I am going to consider some important factors which make people consider medical profession as a mark of respect and satisfaction and of good living conditions.

Job security

According to the bureau of Labour and statistics, US, the growth of health care industry is estimated to be 26 % through 2022.  It is expected to create 4.1 million job vacancies during this period.  It is believed that the nation requires more hospitals, health care services etc that needs new medical care personals. The important aspect of the medical profession is that once employed there is no chances of retrenching or elimination as a result of lay-offs or cuts in staff or for any other reason.

High earning potential:  As the job is highly sensitive the medical personals are well paid compared to many other types of similar employments. As the individual possess more skills, training or education, his salary and perks increases accordingly. Medical assistants or physical assistants are the highest paid professional which is typically around $90,000. Next in line is registered nurses who are paid around $65,000 per month.

Making a difference

Medical profession can help to change people’s life on daily basis. Medical professionals are compassionate and they enjoy their profession and they possess strong communication skills too which is highly necessary for the success of a medical care professional. Helping others is the motive of medical profession and this helps them to work harder and serve the patients better.

Better benefits: As there exists greater competition and as the medical professionals are highly qualified experts they are given better remunerations so that they do not leave the hospital frequently and join in other hospitals. Special benefits like dental insurance, vision care, health insurance vacation, paid sick time etc are allowed to these professionals. The health care professionals are also given training in order to help them advance in their respective careers.

Diverse requirements:  One need not be a cardiologist or neurosurgeon to be able to bring changes in someone’s life. Even diploma holders and nurses have their role to act in the healthcare domain. The medical field always have hundreds of vacant job positions of diverse characteristics.  Some jobs require personals with years of education and much experience, but there are also openings for personals with less education and expertise. But most jobs in medical field are meant for qualified and experienced candidates.

With so much diverse requirements the medical domain is now having highest demand for licensed doctors and nurses.  Medical technicians and paramedics also are in high demand in these days.

Education and training

A career in healthcare field is highly dependent on the qualification, experience and expertise of the candidate. But it can vary depending upon the job. For basic tasks like cleaning of rooms, dressing and bathing the patients etc completion of high school certification will be enough.  But for improved jobs like receptionist or clerks or medical secretaries etc a pass in high school examination will be needed.

Better positions in healthcare field will require college education and special training for the specified fields like pharmacist, lab technician, X-ray technician etc.   Studying in medical colleges for three to five years may be required for becoming either a nurse or a doctor and for specialization further study of two to three years will be required depending upon the field of specialization chosen.

Regular candidates with a university degree are often allowed to apply for managerial positions, occupational therapist posts etc. An anesthetist usually requires master’s degree in their field. A doctor usually posses a medical degree obtained after three-four years of regular study.

With so many  options and opportunities it will be a very good and most lucrative and attractive selection for a young  man or woman who loves to help others to take up a health care profession and lead a happy life thereafter.