Top 10 Facts About Driving Under Influence (DUI)

How many times have you heard a drug charges lawyer or a DUI/DWI lawyer narrating the cases of drunk driving on television? This is something that is in the news almost every single day. Forget the DUI/DWI lawyer, even your own parents or loved ones must have discouraged you to never drive under the influence. Here are some better as well as lesser known facts about DUI and DWI that you need to be aware of.

Fact # 1

A drug charges lawyer will surely be able to confirm to you that around 35 percent of accidental deaths every year are because of the driver drunken-driving. This means that almost around 10,000 people of the world’s total population die every year because of being involved in a fatal car crash due to DUI.

Fact # 2

In the United State alone, every single day around 27 to 30 people die because of driving under influence. The stats are too high yet this is strongly attribute to the lack of awareness against DUI amongst the people.

Fact # 3

You cannot drive the car or any vehicle whatsoever for at least 8 hours after the consumption of alcohol. Therefore, for at least 6 to 8 hours after drinking you are dependent on someone else.

Fact # 4

Drunk drivers lack the basic control and awareness of their senses. Hence, the person who is drunk and driving is most likely to break the traffic rules and forget wearing his car seatbelt whilst driving. The consequences of such actions are never kind.

Fact # 5

The United States of America is second ranking on the list where people die most in number because of being involved in driving under influence. The stats of death every year only within America as a result of DUI are 37 percent. Ranking on number 1 in this category is South Africa with a death toll of 54% because of DUI.

Fact # 6

Driving under influence accidents mostly happen during the weekends. This is mainly as most of the people have holidays on the weekend and party with friends during these two days. Overdrinking is mostly common on the weekends and hence, DUI can happen during these days as well.

Fact # 7

You can easily save yourself from a DUI case if you are willing to pay the police officer 800 or above USD on the spot. This is often regarded as bribery but surely works to save you from criminal drug charges.

Fact # 8

Gender biasness is predominant when it comes to DUI cases. Men are reported to be involved in drunk and driving cases at least 7 times more than women.

Fact # 9

In United States around 65 percent of accidental deaths are of teenagers under the age of 18 years. 50% of the total accidental teenage deaths are because of DUI.

Fact # 10

The DUI/DWI lawyer can confirm that most DUI cases reported are from rural areas than major cities.