Basketball Beginner Ball Handling Tips

The ball handling in the game of basketball should not be overlooked. Whether you are a professional player, play for college or even a beginner, ball handling is and will always be the most important part of basketball training.

Beginner ball handling and shooting

If you are a beginner, and want to be a successful basketball player, then it is very important for you to expertise in basketball handling and shooting. Anytime you get with the ball, just practice. Make yourself comfortable with the basketball (as comfortable you were with the Nintendo buttons in your childhood). Without any basketball coaching you cannot master all the skills. You can take help from professional basketball coach as well as apply the below mentioned drills in your game to handle the basketball in a better way.

Important must do Ball Handling drills

Most effective basketball drills that will make beginners comfortable with the ball:

#1: Ball tipping: Tip the basketball back and forth from one hand to another, keeping your hands straight above your head. Then go down to your chest, thighs, keens and legs and then start all over again. While doing the tipping make sure that the ball only touches your fingertips not the palms of your hand.

#2: Catch-catch: This is one of the hardest basketball skills to master, but once if you learn this skill properly. You can easily handle the ball even during the toughest time of the game. To practice this drill, hold the ball between the legs and keep your hand on either side of your legs. Catch the ball and immediately change the position of your hands. Do this drill as fast as possible.

#3: The finger tip control: For beginner basketball player, it is hard to have control on the ball while dribbling. Never forget that the key to successful dribbling is, touching the ball with fingertips ONLY. To control the ball with finger tip, dribble the ball with just one finger at a time (during the practice session only).

So, these are effective basketball handling drills that can help beginners to a great extend. However, you should consider joining a basketball camp to learn playing basketball in a better way.

Safety Rules for Basketball

Basketball is among one of the most popular sports. It is enjoyed by players of all age groups and skill levels. Basketball is an action packed game involving aggressive body contacts. However, many people consider that the basketball is a noncontact sport and do not bother about basketball injuries! Anytime sportsmen participate in the game, there exist huge possibilities for injuries to occur. Basketball is no different. In fact, it is ranked as one of the top injury-giving sports for young players.

Basketball Safety Tips

There are various basketball safety rules that basketball coaches should teach their students during basketball training sessions, so that players can prevent themselves from getting injured. Basketball injuries commonly occurs due to uncomfortable landings, falls, sudden change in direction, player contact and being hit by the basketball.

Common basketball injuries are:

  • Injuries to the lower body parts- ankle sprains, ankle fracture etc.
  • Knee injuries- strain or sprain in tissue, ligament tear
  • Overuse injuries- Achilles Tendon Rupture
  • Injuries to eyes, head, fingers, toe, teeth and face
  • Back Muscle Pain

Fortunately, basketball injuries are not life threatening. Some injuries are serious, though. When player experience any pain or have any sort of injury, he should not play the game until he recovers from the injury. Playing with the pain might appear noble, but it can result to severe joint and muscle problems over time.

Basketball Injury Prevention Strategies

Have a quick glance over safety precautions to avoid basketball injuries:

Be prepared: Before you start playing (or even practicing) the basketball game, warm up and stretch your body. This exercise will make your body ready for the game. Also, check out that playing environment is safe.

Wear the right gears: Do not practice without wearing right gears like branded basketball shoes, comfortable clothes, mouthgaurd etc. If you wear glasses, opt for contact lenses during basketball practice.

Use good techniques: Make sure that you have excellent control over game, speed, endurance, agility and polymeric skills.

Stay focused: By staying focused you can avoid maximum injuries. Don’t be like present body, absent mind on the basketball court.

Basketball players should be aware of potential injuries of basketball game. Players can also consult with their basketball coach regarding injury issues.